Enter SNOW14 for £25 off your Smart-Pig Loan

Promotion now expired. 

It’s Term 1: you’ve already paid for your bus pass, next year’s rent deposit, all those week 1 reunions parties, and now the chance of a lifetime has come to go on snow tour and get piste.

We loved our student ski tour, but remember that paying for  it left us feeling the pinch and a bit sensitive to other short term money problems until our next student loan arrived in January.  And even once we’d run that gauntlet, running out of money on tour was no fun at all.

To help, we’ve created a code for our site.  Enter SNOW14 during your application to get £25 off your Smart-Pig loan.

Uses of the code are limited and it may be withdrawn at any time. For new customers only.

We are also looking to Sponsor a University Ski Club.  If you are interested get in touch.

781% APR
Amount of credit: £200 for 68 days. Interest: £86.00. Interest rate: 256%pa (fixed). 7% Initial fee: £14.00 Total to repay: £300.00.


Welcome to Our Blog

Smart-Pig.com is the Student Lender launched in 2012 by students at Warwick and Herts uni , in order to give students looking for a short-term loan a better deal.

We are not the same as other short term lenders.  Smart-Pig was actually a spin-off from a protest against short term lending that thought out of the box, rolled up our sleeves and went to head to head with the big ugly giants. One of our founders had a terrible experience with a certain straight-talking lender after they talked his balance straight up to silly levels and sucked his whole student loan away without permission.

Smart-Pig was started partly using one of the government’s fantastic youth Start-Up Loans.  We were a nominated in 2013 for Rockstar Youth Best Overall Business and in 2014 were a finalist for alternative lender of the year.

What we do Differently

  • Grace Period – no extra fixed late payment or penalty fees if you miss you due date, for up to 10 days. Just in case.
  • Interest Cap – our voluntary interest cap is HALF the cap introduced by the FCA
  • No Rollovers – Our short term loans don’t turn into long term ones
  • Ethical Pledge – the way we treat our customers is never going to change!
  • Founded by Students for Students – no-one knows student money like we do.

Payday Loan Alternative

We see Smart-Pig loans as a payday loan alternative and not regular payday loans  (although they do come under the FCA definition).  This is because our company really does genuinely work very differently – especially when it comes to the hidden stuff you don’t really see. It’s all because we were set up as an ethical lender from the ground up, meaning our pricing, loan terms, tangible ethical safeguards and internal procedures all have student’s welfare in mind.

Frighten Us and Win £100!

It’s that time of year again and at Smart-pig.com we’re gearing up for Halloween with a Fancy Dress Competition. We want to see your outfits. Like, Share and post us pictures of your in your best Halloween fancy dress and we’ll pay you £100 for a night you won’t forget – or you will, it’s totally up to you!

There will also be a secret spooky prize for the most strange. Need some ideas? Let’s get started with this article from our friends at Buzzfeed of some amazing DIY costumes they’ve found.


Winner will be announced on 30th October with the £100 prize deposited on the same day, so post your images on Facebook before then.

To enter click here and post your pics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SmartPigLoans

Good Luck.

Top 5 Best Free Apps for Students

Apps are one of the most effective ways to help you save money and also organize your work. So delete Candy Crush and forget all the money you wasted trying to get to the next level. These apps have been chosen because they are some of the best, even better that they happen to be free.


Plan for work, plan for fun, plan for anything. Using just one streamlined app you can make to-do lists in an attractive way that will actually make you want to complete them. Nothing is more satisfying then ticking something off and watch as it disappears. You can also collaborate on lists with others, all the way from asking a housemate to grab some milk on the way home to orchestrating a group project effectively.


Tested and approved here at Smart-pig.com, a daily brain training app that really makes procrastinating a useful hobby.  You wake up in the morning and stare into your coffee as you hope you’ll feel a bit more lively before the lecture. This is the best way to do it. Playing a game that gets your mind going really sets you up for the start of the day and allows you to learn more as well as feel more awake.


Tired of losing your NUS card on a night out? One of the best all in one free apps for students, simply register and pick which university you go to and you’ll have access to some of the best discounts and vouchers around. You can shop ASOS, Waterstones and Urban Outfitters all with great discounts and that’s just for starters.


Arriving at a lecture you realise you’ve forgotten your laptop for your presentation, No Problem. all you need is your login and you can access all your work from cloud storage. As well as this you can chose to share files with friends and family. Great for those days where you have a group project but don’t want to go outside.


Gracing the iTunes chart and most top ten lists for a very long time is Whatsapp. It allows you to message and send photos for free, very useful for saving money when you’re close to going over your phone contract. Gives the added bonus of group messaging – perfect for direct contact if you’re a member of a society and you need to quickly organize a social.

On Facebook, write your own review on an app you think students will benefit from and be in for a chance of winning a £25 Tesco Voucher or you can tweet us your app suggestion @JustForStudents  :-)

Winner announced Tuesday 14th October 2014 so Good Luck.

And The Winner Is…

We hope everyone is nicely settled back into Uni and have escaped catching the fresher’s flu ;)

We have a winner of our Great Smart-Pig.com Hamper Competition but firstly we would like to thank all our followers who entered and commented on Facebook.

We have been tickled pink (or purple shall we say) with some of your comments and whilst we would like to have chosen you all, we can only have one winner (for now)

Please give your congratulations to: Amber Bancroft

For everyone else, we still have our Win Your Term’s Rent Competition. We will also be having our Fun Fridays where we will be giving away small cash prizes, so stayed tuned. 


Winner Will be Announced on 06/10/2014! Good Luck :)

Hello Everyone,

We hope that everyone is getting nicely settled back into Uni!

How we would love to relive fresher’s week again and all the antics that go with it!

We will be announcing the details of the winner of our Great Smart-Pig.com Hamper on 06/10/2014.

Inside you’ll find:

  • £50 Tesco Voucher
  • £50 Amazon Voucher
  • 1 Kettle
  • 1 Toaster
  • 10 Tins of Baked Beans
  • Loads of Tea Bags and Coffee (to help you through the exams)
  • Toilet Roll
  • Student Cook Book
  • and maybe a Frying Pan

There’s still time to enter, so like and share our post.

Good Luck

Loans for Students. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk